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Are you fed up with all the “$30,000 months” posts on your social feed? 
I surely was - especially as deep down, I was jealous - hustling all day, but unable to pay for my lifestyle. 

Even though I did the whole “Oh I don’t NEED that much money, it’s not only about 6-figures…” playing small syndrome, I always thrive to GROW! 

More followers, and YES - 
more Sales as well! 
Because that’s exactly how you will make more impact in the world 
- by serving more people! 

Stop comparing yourself with all the people making $30k, $50k, $100k months. It's not about you and them! 
In fact, they have nothing to do with you!

This is about YOUR next level, what ever that means to you! 
For you it might be to sign your first client. 
Or to make $2,000 in income. 
Or to make $20,000 in income. 
That's not the point. 
As a matter of fact, this course works for everyone who wants to become better. 

This is for you if you’re ready to have your best month in business yet.
Not someday. 
🍾🥂 🎉 
Imagine your "Best Month Ever" like this...

  •  Real progress in your business - for long term success
  •  Popping the champagne, because you finally hit your income goal
  •  A fully fixed social media strategy to attract clients with ease
  •  Tons of content and program ideas that truly inspire you 
  •  Working from a space of flow, instead of scarcity 
  •  Having clear action steps and mindset journaling prompts to follow, instead of being overwhelmed by what to do next.
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💕🍾🥂 🎉 
You can start this program 
any time you want.

As soon as you sign up, Day 1 will be on its way to your inbox!
Are you ready to create 
your best month ever?

Now here’s the thing: 

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, 
but expecting different results” 

So I’m going to show you how to do things DIFFERENTLY in your business. 
How to step up, show up, raise your standards and offer more value than ever before. 


Last year I was hustling and hustling, doing aaaaall the things and working way too many hours for what I was bringing home at the end of the month. 

It was frustrating as hell!
I hated the first of the month, because I had to start all over AGAIN, trying to make this work. 

November 2017 was the month were it all finally 
CLICKED for me. 

I went from $2,000 in October to $25,000 in sales within ONE month. Sounds like a magical from rags to riches story, but it's not. 😱 
I put in the freaking work, baby - and I started focusing on what really makes the difference. 

What really makes the difference? 👇🏻

  •  Mindset: How to actually wrap your head around receiving large amounts of money and stepping into the right head space to make it real 
  •  Focus: The right daily activities that will move you forward in your business, instead of running in the hamster wheel 
  •  Content: How to create more value than ever before and be so visible that your dream clients can't ignore you
  •  Pricing: Packaging your services the right way and charging your worth 
  •  Selling: You have to fall in love with selling. You HAVE to become really good at selling. You're running a business - of course you are selling!
  •  Consistency: You are playing full out every single day!

Since then everything has changed in my business.
 🎊 🎉  It wasn't just a one hit wonder.
Since last November I've been traveling to Martinique, Barbados, Europe, Vietnam, Bali and Australia whilst making $15,000 - $25,000 each month. 

Every single month I am super excited and ambitious to make this my best month ever! 😍

But it's not even about the money. 😵

It's about making more impact, serving more people and about personal growth. We want to become better and better at what we do every single day. 
Here’s what we will cover:

We're setting your business, content and 
mindset up for your best month ever.

👉🏻 MINDSET: What to write and affirm on a daily basis to level up fast

👉🏻 How to open up for abundance so you can RECEIVE your best month ever 

👉🏻 SALES strategy: How to sell more than ever before 

👉🏻 CONTENT strategy: How to show up more real, authentic and often than ever before 

👉🏻 Business Strategy: What to sell to make this your best month ever 

👉🏻 PRICING: How to set up your packages and raise your prices
How Does This Work?
15 powerful assignments with MINDSET JOURNALING PROMPTS and ACTION STEPS, 
that will kick your mindset into gear and give you the complete recipe for your best month ever ('cause nothing sucks more than falling behind in a 30 day course on Day 3 😉) 
All Prices Are In USD

BONUS CASE STUDY "My 8 exact income streams, strategies and mindset shifts for a $25,000 month" 

I'm going to share it all: What I sold, 
how my income looked like during a freaking shitty week out of alignment, and how I made July my best month ever on the 30th of the month (whilst most people already gave up on this month...) 
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