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Join me for daily Mindset Journaling for more Abundance!
This is an accountability group for like-minded ambitious women, where you can stay on track with your mindset work and inspire others by sharing your journaling.

If you want to implement your new mindset routine to create more success, more money and more abundance, this is your place!

What's this about?

Hi! My name is Susi Kaeufer and Mindset Journaling has changed my life!

I'm going to share with you my daily routine that got me from "struggling entrepreneur" to successful 6-figure business owner within a couple of months.
I'm a Mindset Coach and Visibility Strategist, currently traveling around the world full time with my laptop and my mindset journal.

Join me with a pen, your journal and cup of tea and journal all the success you want into your life!


All prices are in USD, no matter where you live.
What You'll Get:
  •  Immediate access to the Mindset Tribe Membership Website with your personal username and password, with access to a training library with 10+ hours of content 
  •  Immediate access to the private Facebook group where you can read my personal journaling pages, exchange affirmations and journaling prompts and keep yourself accountable by sharing your mindset work, questions and breakthroughs with the group 
  •  Journaling Sunday Prompts - your weekly batch of journaling prompts to keep you inspired what to write about
  •  Monthly Live Q&A sessions in the Facebook group where I will answer all your questions and give personalised mindset coaching (hell yeah, for $60! My 1:1 coaching package for this is $12,000)  
  •  A supportive, private, female community of action takers, including accountability buddies, where you can share your inner work, overcome blocks and feel supported like in a Mindset Mastermind group

If you sign up now there’s a juicy $400 bonus waiting for you. {limited time}

I’ve decided to give away two of my most successful mindset courses as a special gift for every new Mindset Journaling Tribe member.

There’s no other way to access this content anymore! 

Exclusively for tribe members:

Let me summarise how crazy this deal actually is! 
  •  10 hours+ of mindset trainings available right away (valued $399)
  •  10 day Course Biz Babe Mindset (valued $179)  
  •  Mindset Bootcamp for beginners (valued $199)  
  •  Monthly access to me in our live Q&A sessions (valued $499)  
  •  Weekly Mindset Journaling prompts for your daily practice (valued $199) 
All for the insanely low price of just  
$60/month or $150/quarter*
*all prices in USD
But the real magic is: 

This will shift how you THINK, how you SEE yourself and how you take inspired action in your life and business!

Are There Any Risks To Becoming A Tribe Member?
No contracts, no obligations, cancel at ANY time. 
Just send an email to support@dreamlifedeluxe.com & we will take care of you within 24-48 hours. 
By Enrolling in The Mindset Journaling Tribe, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
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