VIP Day Budapest, Hungary
Saturday, 17th of August, 11am to 5pm (workshop) + optional walk around the city on Sunday morning
Please note this event will be held in English. 
Spots are limited!
Please don't book any flights or accommodation until you receive your confirmation email. 
„Meeting and connecting with Susi, Andy and the other lovely ladies who attended the VIP Day in Wiesbaden provided me with so much positivity and gratitude. 

I had the opportunity to exchange thoughts, ideas and energies with special like-minded people and even though it was only for a short trip, it was a wonderful experience I will never forget. 

Susi’s authenticity and vibrant energy are extremely contagious and inspirational. 

Finally meeting her in person was a personal dream come true and an enriching experience and I am extremely grateful and feel blessed, that I could attend her event.” 
- Silke 

"My number 1 takeaway is that I'm not alone. That there are many other women out there with the same hopes and dreams and also with the same worries and troubles - and you (Susi) are perfect in providing a safe space for those women to connect." 
- Isabell

"Susi, I loved the energy and I loved how open and caring you were.

I had no doubts that you were a good person and meeting you in real life confirmed my gut feelings!" 
- Alice 

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